How To Get Into K-Pop Broadcast Shows

Here is Part 2 as promised. I feel like this one will be a little more confusing but I will try to be as in-depth as poosible without losing you guys. The list will go from the easiest method to the hardest, keep in mind though that this is all from my opinion and personal experiences.

1. Sign Up Online. (if available)
I went to each music show with the exception of Show Champion. There were four you could sometimes ‘sign up’ or register for in advance. They are: Simply K-Pop, SBS Mtv The Show, KBS Music Bank, and M!Countdown.

**Simply K-Pop is the easiest to do this. You go and sign up. Then they will usually post the schedule by Thursday or Friday. You go here to check and see if they will be having any recordings for the upcoming Monday. You can apply for all 3 pre-recordings and the main if you want, then by Sunday no later than 5pm KST they will have sent you an email letting you know you are on the list. If you don’t get an email, you didn’t get picked. I believe they pick the names randomly because me and my friend would sign up at the same time but she would get picked and I wouldn’t. So good luck.

2. Join a fanclub.

I consider myself multi-fandom as hell so, as you see from above, I joined many fancafes while in Korea. This is the method I used the most. Be mindful that my Korean is lacking but I was still able to get by on what little I know and the beautiful Naver translator. Google translator is garbage compared to Naver. Some fan managers even know English, like one of Got7’s fan managers.

A few notes to remember are:

  • Most fan café managers require you have the latest album for picked group; like Seventeen we needed both versions of Boys Be whenever we went to an event whereas Got7 had two versions but, though they preferred both, you only need one the first time you attend an event. After that they gave you a sticker and booklet that showed you owned the album and no longer have to bring it for further events unless specified by the fan managers.
  • Most fancafe managers also require that you have a printed copy of the Melon digital download but I was usually able to get buy with a copy of my iTunes download because you need your own Korean phone number and melon account to get the downloads from them. Just speak to your fan manager and ask for their understanding in your situation.
  • When you pick a group STICK WITH THAT GROUP. By that, I mean that it is fine to sign up for multiple cafe’s and level up in them so that you will at least have the opportunity to see all your faves. Even though I say this, I also say that when promotions start, you need to stick to one group through out their promotion period to avoid getting banned or penalties in the fandom. Ex. If you chose Monsta X but Stellar is promoting at the same time, don’t go back and forth. Some fan managers like Stellar’s and DIA’s will ban you from further activities if they see that you were with another groups fandom. I have a friend who does it and trust me, as much as I love him and appreciate all the video and experiences he has, he has been banned from going into events with the two girl groups I mentioned above. I went in with 3 groups (Bigstar, 24K, and Melody Day) but I always went with them during the duration of their promotions period. Once Bigstar was done I moved onto 24K, then Melody Day.)
  • Each fan café level up is different. For B.A.P you can only level up on a certain day at a certain time unless you bought the official baby membership which levels you up automatically. Level Up changes randomly, like the seventeen level up had different questions after mansae promotions compared to before mansae promotions. Some level ups are as easy as just giving basic information (name, age, daum nickname, etc.) and a supportive message to the group. It really all depends. I have my Korean friends to thank for understanding most of it because unless it’s a company like JYP where English has become norm, it will all be in Korean.
  • Fan run tumblr pages can also help with the fan café process so be sure to check them out for your specific group as well.

These are all the tips I can remember right now but I hope they help you anyway. If you have any questions just comment below and I will do my best to help you out. I will also either update this post or create a new one should any other tips come back to me. Happy travels!


How To Get To M!Countdown, MTV The Show, Music Core, and more!

Hey guys! I know I’ve been gone for a year, forgive me please. In that year I had the most amazing experience of my life to date. I FINALLY WENT TO SOUTH KOREA and for 2 1/2 months no less. I was there from August 20th to November 2nd. I ended up seeing so much but, that will come later. For now, I want to help my fellow K-Pop fans because I did so much K-Pop activities and the information my friend K and I had to go off of was lacking.

m-countdown-logo-sgxclusiveLet’s consider this Part 1. Here I will just be telling you the easiest way to get to the music shows, especially if you are going from Itaewon. We were in Itaewon for up until the last 2 weeks of the trip, an amazing location to stay for both nationals and foreigners alike. In Part 2 I will tell you about how you can try to get in to these shows, it’s not as easy as many thought, including us when we first arrived.

*We always traveled by Subway*

*A great free App to download for those that don’t know Korean, Subway Navigation by Kakao Corp .*

The easy part about this is you can get to three of these locations via the same route, which I will list first and try to give pictures for reference. Using the app your arrival times vary on whether you want to get there in the shortest time or take the least transfers, which can take longer sometimes. Also for some of the locations I could only get the address in Hangul.

  1. M! Countdown
Location: CJ E&M Center Studio in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Broadcast Day: Every Thursday, starts 6pm-7:30pm
Subway Stop: Digital Media City
Subway Line(s) & Exit: Line 6 from Itaewon heading in the Eungam direction. It can be a straight shot or you can get off at Gondeok and transfer to the AREX( Airport Express) line towards Incheon Airport. Both will take you to digital media city. You will take EXIT 9. You can actually wait inside the CJ E&M building and shop at the Olive Young or get something from Coldstone Creamery. I caught many idol sightings that way but that’s a story for another part.
(Do not take exit 2. The first time we did because of old information and it actually takes longer because you have to wait for a bus and it cost you more because of, yeah, the bus fare.)
   2. SBS Mtv The Show
Location: Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Broadcast Day: Every Tuesday starts at 7pm
Subway Stop: Digital Media City
Subway Line(s) & Exit: Line 6 or AREX Line. Exit 9. Fans will be standing around outside but there is a café attached to the building that many go inside and wait in as well.
  3. MBC Music Core
Location: MBC 신시옥, 서울특별시 마포구 상암동
Broadcast Day: Every Saturday starts at 4:20pm
Subway Stop: Digital Media City
Subway Line(s) & Exit: Line 6 or AREX. Exit 9. Fans will be waiting outside, in the Starbucks, or even in the tiny café at the back end of the MBC building.
When you get out of the subway gate, the exit will be on your left, just keep following the signs for exit 9. The walk out of exit 9 will be maybe 10 minutes, about 7 if you are running haha. All the buildings are on your left, with MBC being across the street on that

corner.  You will also see these signs that will give you directions as well:


Exit 9 Sign


Map of the Area w/Music Show Buildings

4. KBS Music Bank
Location: KBS Hall, 대한민국 서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동
Broadcast Day: Every Friday starting at 6pm
Subway Stop: National Assembly
Subway Line(s) & Exit: Go by Line 9. Exit #4. Keep walking in the direction you came out of the exit, then take the first right you can make. Keep walking down that street and it’ll put you out right at the entrance to KBS, there will be a Holly’s Coffee on the corner across the street to the left. Walk past the gate and take another right, it’s a parking lot. On the left you will see a flight of stairs and head on up into the lobby, you will see all the other fans waiting there too.
5. Arirang Simply K-Pop (more info on the arirang website but there directions are confusing)
Broadcast Day: Every Monday at 5:30pm
Subway Stop: Nambu Bus Terminal
Subway Lines(s) & Exit: Line 3. Exit #5. Take the GREEN bus #22 and get off at Arirang Broadcasting Station. The building will be on your right and  it will put you off right in front of the Arirang building!
6. SBS Inkigayo
Location: SBS Open Hall 대한민국 서울시 강서구 등천동 58-1
Broadcast Day: Every Sunday at 3pm
Subway Stop: Gayang
Subway Line(s) & Exit: Line 9. Exit 10. Come out of the station, take a left and walk about two blocks , SBS will be on the left.

Part 2 on how to get in will be next up but if you guys have any questions until then just leave it in the comments or email me at Love you guys & happy, safe travels!


On the outside, looking in

As I have gotten older my friend circle ended up getting smaller and smaller, drastically so after I graduated high school. I have had a few people come into my life between then and now but I feel like the ones who have been coming into my life ever since September 2013 are the ones who are really going to be here for the long run during these years of my adult life that really matter.

So it really pains me to see them go through tough times. Quite frankly, it sucks. When people who I consider some of my most cherished friends are all living out of my state, minus the less than 5 who live in state with me, I am practically powerless to help them as a friend. Sure, I listen and let them know I will always be here for them to vent to, cry to, and just talk to but there are times when I know from experience that you don’t want to do any of those three. Some times you just want to lay your head in their lap and watch a movie, or just do anything to feel better since I know doing those three mentioned above doesn’t always help.

I wish I could be the one to call them at like 8 am because I’m at the front door, knocking like a saleswomen, to wake them up so we can workout together. I want to be the friend sitting there while we study and do homework that helps you finish it after yelling about how over it you are and then urging me to finish mine once I have had the same outburst. Doing stuff like that would make me feel like I am helping better than I hope I do now. I want to be able to motivate my friends when they have none because lord knows I hate waking up early and working out alone so doing that for my friend I feel would help both of us. Motivate both of us, until one day that friend is the one knocking on my door because I overslept for the morning run…

…but I can’t be that and I feel sorry for it, especially when my own self motivation is lacking. I can text and call them as much as I want and try that way but what if that isn’t enough? Do my friends feel it’s enough? When you have friends going through different issues of their own, do you just leave them? Sometimes yes and sometimes no but how do you determined when to try and when not to?

Do I want to help them just because it helps me too? No. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a good friend to them and think about how to be better while trying to get a handle of my own issues I only tell them a small bit off. I don’t want them to worry about me because I’m  already worrying about them and feel that is all the worry jar can handle.

So what now? Being outside looking in on my friends and unable to get in either because I haven’t been given the key or worse, there is no key because there is no door, just a wall that feels like it stretches as far up and around as the eye can see.

I’m Back!!! Let’s get ready for an amazing 2015!

Hey guys!!
As the tittle says I am back! I hadn’t even realized that I had been gone so long, since May, until the end of the year rolled around. 2014 was full of great unforgettable moments for me, so I’m going to give a quick review of them from May onward. I’m going to break it up into two parts.

~PART 1~
May: My first trip to Austin, TX. I had decided to go to Austin because I was invited down by my good friend Jenn. Many of you know her as the mastermind behind the blog westerngirleasternboy! An amazing blog that talks about a range of things from beauty and style to ambw dating to kdrama suggestion lists! She’s an amazing woman and I’m so glad to call her my friend. I admit I was a tad nervous when I went down there so I wasn’t able to fully let loose but none the less I was comfortable being around her and her friends.

June and July: Spent saving money up because while down with Jenn I found out the kpop group BTS was going to be at Kcon in August, so the decision was made with my friend Karen that we were going to go! Like literally the moment I text her they were going to be there the next text I got back was. “Okay cool, I booked us a hotel near the venue!” This was literally only 5 minutes later!

August: The best month ever! Literally out of the entire year I had two ultra incredible months and August was one of them. I WENT TO LOS ANGELES! Kcon 2014 rolled around and I found out two of my bias groups, VIXX and BTS, were going to be there. And even though I had heard their songs before CNBlue, Teen Top, B1A4, and G-Dragon were also there and turned me into a bigger fangirl. I hadn’t heard SPICA and Jung Joon Young but they were great and I’ve been listening to them since. Girl’s Generation was there and I realized that was Jessica’s last US performance with them, sad but since I’m not a SONE I got over that quickly. IU was beautiful but I still don’t listen to her much.

SUGA, MY BIAS IN BTS, GRABBED MY HAND AFTER THE CLOSING CEREMONY! I got to do a hi-touch with Teen Top, and unfortunately that was caught on video so everyone saw me freak out when seeing Changjo, L.Joe, and most of all Niel. I also did the SPICA hi-touch and those girls are so cool. At DFLA Karen and I were pretty close so I got fan service from Leo, Ken, and Hyuk. I met many of my favorite youtubers like Kspazzing and Mr.Popo. Jenn went to Kcon too so I got to see her again a few times as well, we had some yummy KBBQ in Ktown.

Not to mention L.A’s Ktown or also known as Wilshire was amazing. Me and Karen found an awesome Boba Tea place, It’s BoBA Time, that we went to almost twice everyday. We stayed at a hotel there for a day only to find out after check out that at least 3 of the groups performing at Kcon, one of which were VIXX, were staying there too! Even spotted a shirtless Ravi when we went back to the club night the next night. YES I SAW SHIRTLESS RAVI! The man was changing and hadn’t put his shade down, don’t judge me before I happened to look up and see him. Those were like the best six days ever!

Sounds crazy right? That’s just Part 1. Don’t forget to check out Part 2 and my goals for the new year next!

Too much on my plate?

So the other day I was thinking about all the things I want to do and made lists. I love making lists, they’re so helpful >.<

When I looked at all the things I was trying to do within now and this time next year, I wondered if I was loading too much onto my plate at one time. I'm currently self-teaching myself Korean, hand-making the lip products and labels for my cosmetics line I have begun, practicing dance and forming a cover group, looking into permits and violation codes for the puppy and kitten cafes I want to open, trying to register for classes at my school, and trying to travel to South Korea…to name just a few.

Mind you I AM NOT RICH. All those things are constantly, like with most everything else, cost money. Money that I don’t have at 9$ an hour even though I am seeking additional or better paid employment. I don’t know why I am focusing on so many things, I think it’s because if I just focus on one thing that I will lose sight of my other goals. I truly believe in hard work and the law of attraction, because I have used both together and they work every time. Yes, every time, but the law of attraction blog is for another day.

I will be successful, that much I know.

I just wonder if I am moving too fast or not fast enough? I feel like I focus on so many different things because I already know they all aren’t going to be completed at the same time so that’s less stress on me. Instead on trying to get things done all at once that need to be done around the same times. Some will only take a few weeks to a few months to move on to the next stage, but others will take a few years. Since I understand this and I feel like I’m taking the necessary steps to get to where I need to be I don’t think I should be asking if it’s too much on my plate, yet I feel I should.

So confusing…

Find Your Humanity and #PrayForSouthKorea

So over the past few days it has come to light that a ferry ship called the Sewol sunk over in South Korea. Over 300 passengers on the ferry were high school students on a school tip to Jeju Island. The have been confirmed deaths and many are even still missing to this very day. It’s so tragic that television shows supposed to happen, music comebacks, and even businesses have all been affected. Many are postponed and one of the friends I have over in South Korea told me her area is like a ghost town. People aren’t going to work and their are families over there worried sick about their CHILD.


The reason I named this post find your humanity is because whether they be serious or just trolling, their are those out there who are saying things like ‘who cares if some Asian kids died?’, ‘give me my EXO m/v or there will be another tragedy in South Korea.’, ‘thank god it wasn’t EXO on that boat or else that would be a real tragedy.’


ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! It makes me ashamed to even call the people saying those things human. Of course things would be different if it was a tragedy in your country, or if you were worried about you brother, sister, friend, or parent. I’m not even from Korea, living in Korea, or Korean, but knowing something like this happened and talking to my friends who are mourning that are Korean and over there even makes me shed tears for them. I just wish people would stop with the negativity and send positive thoughts and prayers out. 

Please just stop the madness…


Fan Account: B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 N.Y.C & K-Town!

This past weekend was nothing short of EPIC for me! I wish I could turn back time just to do it again instead of now waiting another year for B.A.P to come back for Live On Earth 2015. Any, let’s begin with my wonderful experience.


Getting to New York City: So Saturday night I got off work and went straight home to work on the shirts I was making me and my new friend and fellow baby Karen for the show. Was literally up all night finishing them and when I did I laid down for a half hour before getting up at 4 AM to get dressed and finish packing. I left home at 5:30 and made it to the bus stop. I took the Megabus up and now that I have friend in New York I will definitely be going more often. I mean seriously the tickets are usually between 16-20 dollars. I can afford that! So for the entire ride up, I slept and sometimes woke up to change to a different kpop song before going right back to sleep. Once there I met up with Karen and text another new friend Mai, who was already in line. Karen, being the wonderful woman she is, got the hotel room for us and even bought us some snack on the way to the line.

The wait and the concert itself: On the way to the line I had been texting Mai and she said it was long already around the building! At that point I told her to let the people behind her know that she had friend coming to wait in line with her so they would know we were not cutting the line. Once we got there, not only did we meet up Mai (Young Jae lover), but I also met Tay (Zelo lover to the max), and Trell (a fellow Yong Guk lover). They made waiting in line for 8 hours the funnest experience ever! Never did I ever think I would wait for any person or group, but they made it fun. We watched videos, sang songs, gawked at good looking people passing by, playfully plotted on obtaining the B.A.P items we saw other fans had, danced to 2ne1, and survived the naked cowboy and cowgirls together.

Then there was the flashmob! Mai danced in it and so did the girl Aivy who made the song mix and page for it on facebook and this really funny guy Brandon.

Watch that here:

Then they let us in. By this time our group had grown to plus two and although I could write about  all the bullshit that happened in the GA standing and merchandise lines and so forth, I won’t. Why not? Well that’s because I only want to give out positive vibes! So once we made it to a sensible standing area after the show began a little before all the things I heard positively about B.A.P were soooo true.

1. Young Jae and Him Chan look so much better live and in person than they do on any recording or photo.

2. Yong Guk…is Yong Guk, That man needs no words but his deep voice, hip thrusts, shirt lifting, skin exposing, wet hair flipping, kiss blowing self was just too much to handle from my ultimate bias that night.

3. Zelo and Jong Up were too cute and killed the dance floor even though they both slipped once because there was so much water on the stage.

(SIDENOTE! It was hot as hell in there! What performance venue doesn’t have air conditioning? Apparently Best Buy theater.)

4. Dae Hyun was just too too fine.

Now let me tell you guys about Young Jae and Him Chan! Those two gave me all types of life that night and while I used to think Him Chan was going through the motions when it came to dancing, he proved me wrong and I will never doubt him again. He was hitting those moves! Also Him Chan smiled and waved to me after I waved at him. Yes it happened, and no I wasn’t imagining anything. I was in a spot where I actually had a good amount of space around me and we locked eyes.

Same thing happened with Young Jae during a different song. I almost died but on the inside. On the outside I had to just smile back and keep waving and look cute doing it, instead of look like I’m dying from all the heat and heart pounding excitement. Now none of my friends got the hi-touch but it was still a great concert. B.A.P were everything I thought they would be and more. After it was all said and done me and Karen left after exchanging hugs, memories, and contact info with those in our group.

K-Town NYC: So the next day me and Karen went out around 10 am and went to find K-Town which was only like 3 blocks up from the hotel. We went and saw some yummy looking BBQ spots, the Asian market, a cafe where I got a delicious drink called Pineapple Paradise, not to mention a chance to look at the cute eye candy behind the counter.


Pineapple Paradise >~< Yummy!

Then we stopped in a book store where they had sooooo much kpop merchandise that I had to buy something. So I bought BTS’s Skool Luv Affair and a Got7 sticker set. Next time I go I’m getting something from Shinee and EXO. While there we met these other two awesome B.A.P fans, Yara and Taty,  from the concert and had so much fun talking to them. Definitely exchanged Kakaos. They joined us in gawking at the attractive men that would walk past us. We struggled not to speak to some of them. We also went into this tattoo shop and the tattoo artist there had some really good work in his portfolio so definitely got his card.



^Where I got the Pineapple Paradise^


Can’t forget my very first bubble tea I got at Caffe Bene after we left K-town.

All in all New York was amazing and I’m definitely going back when I can. Me and Karen made a lot of decisions against what we first said we should and although they ended good, had we done what we wanted first it would have ended really really good. No more second guessing for us lol.

Shout out to JENN ( for introducing us!